Sustainable living in Leeds

The Greenhouse ethos is about creating beautiful homes and distinctive offices which allow people to live and work together in a more sustainable way. The greatest modern threat to our planet is climate change. At Citu we want to do something about that so we design our homes and offices to use less energy and to use things like water and electricity more efficiently. Our design principles mean that sustainability isn’t about sacrifice - it’s about living in a cleaner, brighter and better way.

At Citu we also believe in repurposing disused urban buildings and spaces to create vibrant, attractive homes, offices and community areas. Greenhouse was created by renovating Shaftesbury House, a striking 1930s building close to Leeds city centre. The result is a sustainable, intelligent and efficient building which has at its heart a strong sense of design and function. Wind turbines, solar panels, ground source heating and rainwater harvesting are all used to reduce energy and water usage without compromising on quality of life or comfort.

Greenhouse was designed with community at its heart, so you’ll find a spacious central courtyard and on-site amenities such as the gym, deli and conference space, as well as nearby allotments.